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7 Fascinating Facts about Astrology You Need to Know - 7 Fascinating Facts about Astrology You Need to Know

7 Fascinating Facts about Astrology You Need to Know

Whether you are a firm follower of your daily horoscope update or not, there is no point denying the influence astrology has on us and the world we live in. But, most people tend to know only the basics, like there are 12 sun signs, and which sun sign they were born into.

How much do you know about horoscopes and astrology? Why not take your knowledge for a test and learn some fascinating facts about astrology you probably haven’t heard of before?

1. Rising Signs Identify Personalities

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What this means is that your rising sign, or your sun sign, determines your personality or how others perceive you. In a nutshell, it can be explained as the mask we wear around other people.

2. Exact Time of Birth = Accurate Reading

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For a very accurate reading (that’s not only based on your rising sign), you’ll need the exact time of your birth, up to the minute. If you have those, you’ll be able to know which signs all influence your personality.

3. Sun Sign Stimulates Goals

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Your sun sign is connected with your heart and dictates what your passion and drive is. In other words, your sun sign determines what it is that motivates you as an individual to achieve your goals.

4. Moon Sign Signifies Emotions

pexels photo 986740 - 7 Fascinating Facts about Astrology You Need to Know

In other words, your moon sign dictates mood swings and how your instinct kicks in. For example, your moon sign will signify how you will react to a certain situation, calm or anxious.

5. The Majority of Celebs are Sagittarians

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This is an odd one we couldn’t resist including on our list. The majority of celebrities are Sagittarians, and the sign with the least number of representatives is Taurus.

6. Everyone Has Characteristics of All the Signs

concept astrology aries universe 159668 - 7 Fascinating Facts about Astrology You Need to Know

Keeping in mind that you don’t have a single sign, it only makes sense that we all have characteristics of all the sun signs. If you’ve always believed that reading your horoscopes was inaccurate, chances are you’ll relate better to one of your other signs.

7. Sign Compatibility is Not Trustworthy

horoscope 96309 960 720 - 7 Fascinating Facts about Astrology You Need to Know

We’ve all heard that cheesy pick-up line, but is there any truth behind sign compatibility? According to some studies there aren’t. Next time you check your compatibility with your significant other, keep this in mind.

And there you have it! Some of us like indulging in reading up on our horoscopes frequently, while others view it as hogwash. While there may be some sceptics out there, one cannot argue the fact that the planets and certain aspects of astrology do ring true.

8 Activities That’s Perfect for a Full Moon - 8 Activities That’s Perfect for a Full Moon

8 Activities That’s Perfect for a Full Moon

The next full moon will be on the 12th of November. Do you have some special plans to celebrate the occasion? Some people believe and have found that certain activities are amplified when done during a full moon, and that the full moon’s energy is worth tapping into.

In this post we’ll provide some ideas to turn your next full moon experience into a magical occasion, whether you share it with others or do them by yourself.

#1: Meditate

pexels photo 906097 - 8 Activities That’s Perfect for a Full Moon

A full moon is the perfect opportunity to meditate and reflect. You will be able to harness the energy of the full moon and focus on positive feelings of peace and tranquillity.

#2: Charge Your Crystals

pexels photo 1343295 - 8 Activities That’s Perfect for a Full Moon

If you have some crystals, the full moon is the perfect time to charge them. All you have to do is place them on your windowsill, and allow them to bask in the full moon’s light.

#3: Bask in the Moonlight

pexels photo 577289 - 8 Activities That’s Perfect for a Full Moon

Some people even take full moon baths. Just remember to have a blanket in case it is winter. Bathing in the full moon’s light is great to connect with yourself, nature and the moon’s energy.

#4: Spread Some Forgiveness

pexels photo 45644 - 8 Activities That’s Perfect for a Full Moon

The full moon’s energy is great for harnessing to forgive others. While standing in the full moon’s light, think of anyone who’s done you wrong, and forgive them. Focus on letting negative energy go.

#6: Make a Wish

girl 619689 960 720 - 8 Activities That’s Perfect for a Full Moon

Some people believe that the energy of a full moon has the power to make wishes come true. To do so write your wish on a piece of paper in the full moon, light a white candle and burn the paper while thinking of your wish.

#7: Organise a Social Gathering

asian 3683608 960 720 - 8 Activities That’s Perfect for a Full Moon

Why not celebrate and tap into the energy of the full moon with others? Light a big bonfire and connect with friends while harnessing the power of the full moon’s light and celebrating life.

#8: Give Thanks

pexels photo 791024 - 8 Activities That’s Perfect for a Full Moon

Harness the positive energy of the full moon and be grateful. Write a list of all the things you are grateful for, and read through the list embracing every item on the list with gratitude.

If you wanted to, you can do all of these activities. What better way to fully harness the positive energy of the full moon? We hope you enjoy it as much as we are going to and that you’ll make the most of the event. Have fun!

A Comparative View of Ancient Mayan and Egyptian Civilisations - A Comparative View of Ancient Mayan and Egyptian Civilisations

A Comparative View of Ancient Mayan and Egyptian Civilisations

There are quite a lot of theories about the ties between some of the ancient civilisations, their architecture, cultures and beliefs to name a few. While no scientific evidence confirms that these civilisations could have had contact with one another, the similarities sure make one wonder.

In this article we explore some of the similarities found between the ancient Mayans and ancient Egyptians.

1. Philosophies and Spirituality

egyptian 1822015 960 720 - A Comparative View of Ancient Mayan and Egyptian Civilisations

The ancient Mayans and ancient Egyptians had a lot more in common than you may think. While the Egyptians worshipped gods presented in animal form, the Mayans held a belief in mother nature. The consensus between the two civilisations lie in the fact that both lived in harmony with the world around them.

2. Pyramids and Architecture

pyramid 3478575 960 720 - A Comparative View of Ancient Mayan and Egyptian Civilisations

The pyramids in Egypt and found in south America give us insights as to these civilisations’ cultural practices. Egyptian pyramids were used as tombs to embalm and bury leaders. Mayans used their structures as temples and places of worship. There are a lot of similarities in the structure of these pyramids, even though they are seemingly unrelated.

3. Hieroglyphics and Writing

papyrus 63004 960 720 - A Comparative View of Ancient Mayan and Egyptian Civilisations

Both the Mayans and Egyptians used hieroglyphics as a form of written language. Even though each civilisation had their structures, both were created on stone, except paper and jewellery in the case of the Egyptians. The hieroglyphics of each are read differently. Egyptian glyphs are read from right to left and Mayan glyphs from left to right.

4. Language and Communication

hieroglyphs 541146 960 720 - A Comparative View of Ancient Mayan and Egyptian Civilisations

Even though no evidence proves the Mayans had a connection with the Egyptians, certain studies prove humans have been moving from one continent to another for longer than we thought. Researchers have discovered that there is a close relation between a Siberian language and a language spoken by Native Americans, providing efficient proof.

5. Plants and Medication

blue egyptian lotus 959683 960 720 - A Comparative View of Ancient Mayan and Egyptian Civilisations

Scientists have already noted that a lot of the plants found in northern America are related to some of the plants found in Asia. Did you know there is American Ginseng and Chinese Ginseng? In America, the root is chewed or smoked, whereas Chinese Ginseng is used in tea. These two counterparts are described as yin and yang and each has its effects.

While there are a lot of similarities between cultures and even ancient ones at that, there is still no coherent conclusion on whether or not one another influenced ancient civilisations. What do you believe?

The Top 7 Benefits of Meditation - The Top 7 Benefits of Meditation

The Top 7 Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has gained a lot of traction over the past couple of years, and is becoming a very popular practice around the globe. Those who practice meditation have experienced multiple benefits, all leading to an overall improved lifestyle and heightened sense of self.

While there are many benefits of meditation, some people practice it for specific reasons. In this post we’ll focus on the top seven benefits you can expect when you start meditating.

#1: Puts a Handle on Anxiety

photo 1523495338267 31cbca7759e2 - The Top 7 Benefits of Meditation

Multiple studies have proven that practicing meditation and mindfulness leads to less anxiety. Whatever the source of your anxiety, it can be successfully treated by meditation. As you train your mind and redirect your thoughts, you’ll be able to get a grip on your anxiety issues.

#2: Reduces Stress Levels

photo 1532170579297 281918c8ae72 - The Top 7 Benefits of Meditation

Stress usually leads to anxiety. What if you could successfully treat stress and avoid anxiety altogether? By practicing meditation regularly this is not as far-fetched as you may think. While you focus your attention on other thoughts, your stress levels will be reduced.

#3: Improves Overall Health

photo 1527247514364 66c597bd94f1 - The Top 7 Benefits of Meditation

From sleeping problems to addiction and pain, all these can be tackled by meditation. As you meditate, your body will relax and your mind will shift and you will be in a peaceful state of being. This practice improves your overall health.

#4: Improves Mental Health

photo 1530847887473 36dbaf586122 - The Top 7 Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is known to improve self-image and decrease depression. Studies have shown that meditating regularly can in fact lead to positivity and optimism in patients who struggles with depression.

#5: Boosts Concentration Capabilities

photo 1534857904202 dccaac8b2af9 - The Top 7 Benefits of Meditation

While you train your mind, you are forcing it to shift your thought patterns and concentrate on something else. Practicing meditation can lead to a boost in your concentration capabilities and ultimately increase your attention span.

#6: Reduce Specific Symptoms

photo 1508672019048 805c876b67e2 - The Top 7 Benefits of Meditation

Something like age-induced memory loss have been reduced as proven by specific studies. Meditation can also improve your memory, if you are not suffering from memory loss. While you train your mind, your attention span is boosted and thoughts are clear, ultimately improving memory.

#7: Boosts Self-Awareness

photo 1536914356815 690cf1fa40e2 - The Top 7 Benefits of Meditation

Self-awareness allows us to understand ourselves on a higher level of consciousness and ultimately become the best we possibly can. Meditation is the perfect tool to reach this level of self-awareness, and coming to a better understanding of how you relate to others.

As you can see, there are loads of benefits you can expect when you start practicing meditation. The ones we’ve listed here are but a few, and you’ll be surprised to find that meditation has the power to give you a new lease on life.

6 Interesting Facts About the Moon You Didn’t Know About - 6 Interesting Facts About the Moon You Didn’t Know About

6 Interesting Facts About the Moon You Didn’t Know About

Did you know that a full moon appears when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth? We see the full moon thanks to the sun’s light that fully brightens the moon. Moon phases and cycles have been studied for years, and have inspired many theories.

In this post we’ll provide some more interesting facts about the moon. Are you ready to learn more about the moon and her fascinating nature?

1. We See A Bit More Than Half the Moon

pexels photo 639025 1 - 6 Interesting Facts About the Moon You Didn’t Know About

This fact is contrary to popular belief. We can see up to 59% of the moon. This is due to the moon’s rate of rotation and rate of revolution. Because these two are not in sync, we get to see a bit more than 59% of the moon’s surface.

2. There Are Four Different Lunar Months

pexels photo 1275413 - 6 Interesting Facts About the Moon You Didn’t Know About

These lunar months are based on different aspects and vantage points. A sidereal lunar month is the time it takes the moon to circle the earth with the stars as the reference point. A Nodical lunar month is the time it takes the moon to pass through one of its nodes. The remaining two are anomalistic and synodical.

3. The Earth Viewed from the Moon is Seen in Phases

earth soil creep moon lunar surface 87009 - 6 Interesting Facts About the Moon You Didn’t Know About

Just like we view the moon in different phases here on earth, one would be able to see earth’s different phases from the moon. That is if you are located at the correct point. The earth’s phases would be opposite of the moon phases, for instance when it is full moon, it would be a new phase for earth viewed from the moon.

4. Moon Crater Names Have Rules

moon 1527501 960 720 - 6 Interesting Facts About the Moon You Didn’t Know About

The accepted trend for naming any lunar formations is using the name of well-known astronomers and scientists. Currently, there are two accepted conventions including the former as well as naming specific formations after famous American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts.

5. The Moon Has a Time Zone

a total solar eclipse 1113799 960 720 - 6 Interesting Facts About the Moon You Didn’t Know About

Here’s a fun fact, did you know that a watch was specially designed for moon walkers? Kenneth L. Franklin designed the watch, and measured time in ‘lunations’, or the time it takes the moon to rotate and revolve around the earth. Franklin also developed a time zone for the moon, called ‘Lunar Time’.

6. Moon Temperature Fluctuates

blood moon 3567619 960 720 - 6 Interesting Facts About the Moon You Didn’t Know About

Even though there’s a lot of sources out there providing estimated temperatures of the moon, NASA is probably the most reliable of them all. NASA indicates that the temperature at the equator during night time is a chilly minus 173 °C, and a sizzling 127 °C during the day.

And that’s a wrap. These are but a few of the interesting facts about the moon we could share here. There are plenty of things that we still do not know about the galaxy and beyond.

The Law of Seriality and 5 Fields Where it Can be Applied - The Law of Seriality and 5 Fields Where it Can be Applied

The Law of Seriality and 5 Fields Where it Can be Applied

Jung attributed coincidences to the activation of certain archetypes, but Kammerer was of the opinion that current scientific principles could explain coincidences. Kammerer further developed some theories as to how the law of seriality may work, including an imitation, persistence and attraction hypothesis.

In this post we take a closer look at what Kammerer’s law of seriality means for five specific fields, and how it can be applied.

#1: Anthropology

skull 640128 960 720 - The Law of Seriality and 5 Fields Where it Can be Applied

When we look at anthropology, which includes the study of large ancient buildings, we find there are similar buildings situated around the world. Some theories state that these civilisations spread and shared their knowledge. According to seriality however, the similarities of these buildings can be ascribed to the medium of persistence causality.

#2: History

bookshelf 1082309 960 720 - The Law of Seriality and 5 Fields Where it Can be Applied

Seriality is considered to be the driving factor of history, and that both concepts are intertwined. We all know the saying that history repeats itself. Based on specific events and repetitions thereof, the law of seriality states that catastrophes like war are events that break down the prevailing causal structure.

#3: Animal Behaviour

bonobo 2368873 960 720 - The Law of Seriality and 5 Fields Where it Can be Applied

Some theories and studies suggest specific animal behaviour are mimicked around the world. For instance, baboons that raid garbage bins in one area and another troop starting to do it as well. Though it may appear odd that these reverberations of activities are coincidental, Kammerer suggests that behaviour and activities are born once, and known forever.

#4: Astrology

astrology 993127 960 720 - The Law of Seriality and 5 Fields Where it Can be Applied

While there are a lot of sub-categories within astrology (including mathematics, psychology and astronomy), basic astrological concepts and occurrences can be explained by Kammerer’s law of seriality. These are explained by the hypothesis of persistence, where certain events continue to happen based on systems formed over aeons.

#5: Gambling

pexels photo 269630 - The Law of Seriality and 5 Fields Where it Can be Applied

Without probably realising it, gamblers use the law of seriality whenever they want to gamble. This is for example when you decide to bet on an outcome you have predicted based on previous outcomes. As you can see, this relates to Kammerer’s law of seriality, where gamblers take a multitude of factors into account to play a game of poker for instance.

As you can see, there is a lot of traces of the chaos theory present in Kammerer’s law of seriality. He was ahead of his time, and even Einstein did not object to his theories, and called it interesting.

5 Mesmerising Ancient Structures Around the World - 5 Mesmerising Ancient Structures Around the World

5 Mesmerising Ancient Structures Around the World

The world is full of ancient buildings, all of them requiring a sufficient amount of awe and wonder. The first that probably comes to mind is the pyramids of Egypt, or perhaps the stone structure known as Stonehenge. Some may even think about the Colosseum in Rome. What springs to mind when you think about incredible ancient structures?

In this post we take a look at five of the most fascinating of these ancient structures, and uncover some of the theories about them.

1. Egypt – The Lost Labyrinth

pyramid 315298 960 720 - 5 Mesmerising Ancient Structures Around the World

The Lost Labyrinth of Egypt is located near the Hawara pyramid in Egypt. While there is nothing but the ruins left of this magnificent building, texts describe it as one of the most awe-inspiring works of architecture. Herodotus described the labyrinth in works written in the fifth century B.C.

2. Iraq – Ishtar Gate

Ishtar Gate is the eighth gate to the city of Babylon and was constructed by order of King Nebuchadnezzar in 575 BCE. The site was excavated in the 20th century and a reconstruction of the gate and the Processional Way in Berlin. This incredible part of the wall can be seen in the Pergamon Museum.

3. Turkey – Temple of Artemis

temple of artemis 2944 960 720 - 5 Mesmerising Ancient Structures Around the World

This ancient Greek temple is situated in Ephesus in Turkey and was dedicated to Artemis. It was rebuilt three times, yet today only the foundations and ruins can be seen at the site. The temple was known to be magnificent, and was also part of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

4. Egypt – Bent Pyramid

pyramid 387277 960 720 - 5 Mesmerising Ancient Structures Around the World

This ancient Egyptian pyramid is located at the necropolis of Dahshur and is a great example of early pyramid development in the ancient world. What makes this specific pyramid even more unique is the fact that the limestone outer casing is still pretty much intact, as opposed to other pyramids.

5. Egypt – Great Pyramid of Giza

egypt 2267089 960 720 - 5 Mesmerising Ancient Structures Around the World

Last but not least, we have the great pyramid of Giza. This is the largest and oldest of the complex situated in Giza. It is also the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only one that is still mostly intact. A site worth seeing one day.

And that’s all of them. Have you been to any of these amazing ancient structures? If not, perhaps you should include them on your bucket list. These ancient structures are impressive in pictures, imagine the awe they stir while standing on-site.

Preface and motivation behind these publications

I have always been a researcher, interested in the core of the subject at hand. No matter if it was about loudspeakers, hypnotherapy or air-conditioning, I always went for the inner core. Common knowledge often contains paradigms that are not completely true. When making fresh combinations or following new lines of thought, one can often discover maiden ground. In not accepting an easy explanation such as the commonly known ‘7 years cycle’ and the fact that life runs obviously in some self-repeating circles, I delved deeper into this matter to understand the mechanism behind it.

More information concerning some subjects: preface, integration, motivation, why and how, delving deep, research, thoughts behind the structure, seeking the truth, serving mankind
As the material on this site is really at the forefront of esoteric and psychological knowledge and completely unknown to modern Western science, I invite you to take a look at it with an open mind. What I tell is so uncommon and so weird for an analytic mind that your reaction may well be: ‘eerie, impossible, rubbish’… However, in these years of investigation it was possible to find sufficient data to prove scientifically and statistically that those esoteric laws do exist!

By literally looking to hundreds and even thousands of connective synchronicity strings in multiple life tales, it became possible to unravel the inner core laws at work and find ways to prove it. I am myself not easy in ‘believing’ something, even when a lot of people talk about it. Only when I can perceive it (or deduce it myself from other perceptions), does it become a physical reality for me.

But this does not mean that the contents of this site is only esoteric and high flying stuff. It concerns back-to-earth attitudes. It concerns what you can DO with it and how you can USE it in your daily life. Not in theory but by practising it. And it does not mean that you have to follow my thoughts completely as just a fraction of the material can be used fruitfuly as well.

In my therapy practice, I observe repeatedly how people tend to get desperate, angry, apathetic or whatsoever by circumstances in their lives. They live their lives only with a fraction of their inner possibilities, cornered by emotional and mental barriers in their mind and the mind of their relatives. Once they detect the structure of their difficulties, it’s often possible to actively make a change to it. But first you have to be conscious about the underlying factors of these mental or emotional disorders. In this work about life cycles, I give a certain structure to one’s life that makes it easier to understand why some events happened and the inner connections. I also give measures to start making a change in a more favoured direction.

Pure luck only exists under specific circumstances but is not always the basis for the events that happen around and to you. A lot of things happen following a hidden but detectable law. And these laws are formed and influenced by events from your own life. Just as in atomic particle research, where the ‘so called objective observer’ plays a seemingly subjective, interactive role in the creation of the perceived phenomena, this same consciousness about the connections in your own life tends to influence events positively, even by only observing it and doing nothing (isn’t that nice)!

The structure and the evolution of one’s life follows certain rules that are, in a way, ‘automatic’ and can be ‘self steering’, but only if you gain self awareness about it. Otherwise, the whole thing stays running on ‘automatic’.

Every ‘negative’ life event hides a ‘positive’ contents, lesson or energy. The distillation of this hidden but useful energy is the benefit of ‘negatively experienced’ happenings in your life. They can get ‘tapped’ and used in a new way of understanding and working with life cycles is one of them. Every day, new findings are added to this work; that’s why I say it probably never finishes at all. I don’t do this work, ‘the work does me’ and I love it.

I hope you will gain some fruitful results out of your reading and wish you a good day.

Family Connections over Generations

In your own genealogy and family history research, these phenomena could be used to increase your understanding of the relations between certain family members across several generations even better !

The experimental research done concerns the study of long term life cycles (such as the 7 years cycles). In this research over some 250 birthdays of children together with their parents-grandparents birthdays was shown that family members with a multitude of 3.2 years between their respectively birthdays had striking resemblance’s on a deeper level.

Some kind of ‘soul quality’ became observable, guiding at the same time to a sort of ‘Karma traces’ and emotional traumas. It clarified also such simple things as deep sympathy, bond and recognition and it was better understood why certain family members in different generations had a positive or conflicting attitude towards each other. Not with everybody but only with particular members. And this was seen in a significantly higher rate than could be expected by scientific statistics alone.

More detailed research about the so called ‘7 years life cycles’ of Rudolf Steiner, (u.o. used in biographic work), has shown that this 7 y. cycle consists in reality of two smaller ones of 3.2 years to be precise, and if you multiply it with 2, you become 6.4 years or about 7 years (the 3.2 years cycle corresponds on average with 3 years, 2 month’s and 11 days or 1168 days).

Now, to proceed further in understanding the basics of these phenomena, it is really necessary to get first some ‘technical’ explanations, afterwards followed with some striking real life examples. So, please take your time to read through this mind provoking new research.

What is a 3.2 years life cycle?

For the proper investigation of all this new ground we need a special tool under the form of a combination of calendars. Suppose we make a calendar made on measure with all the years from 1885 till 2013, simply in a long column. In so doing we get a very long ribbon of 128 years.

Let’s further suppose that we roll this ribbon on a cylinder so that we keep every time 3.2 years between the adjacent parts (see Fig. 1 where the year ’01 is just at the point of getting ‘rolled up’).

Now, suppose that we than cut this cylinder neatly through from point A to point B, so we get a sheet of paper with adjacent rows of 3.2 years (see Fig.2 as an example with a reduced number of years).

In so doing, we have created a Life Cycles Matrix ® Diagram (more technical explanation about this later) and we see on the example in Fig. 2 that Jul. ‘86 (C) is adjacent to Sept. ’89 (D), Nov.’92 (E), Feb. ’96 (F), May ’99 (G) and July ’02 (H) and form a straight line or a so called ‘life line’.

The Secret of the 7 years life cycle (finally) disclosed! It is not 7 but 6.4 years!

Research since 1982 shows undoubtedly that this famous 7 years life cycle exists. But it is a little shorter. To be precise: 6.4 years, and divided in two parts of 3.2 years. With a simple aid, the ‘Life Cycle Matrix ®’ Diagram, you can research and find your own hidden life cycles in fortunes or conflicts in your life, and the underlying energy grid or matrix comes to light.

Pure chance indeed does not exist! Your life story is ‘rolled up’ in a cycle of 3.2 years that always starts again and again like and endless tape as a sort of very slow biorhythm. Each happy or traumatic event, together with your emotional reaction to it, gets ‘recorded’ on this ‘tape of your life’ and it gets imprinted. About 3 years later, a situation develops with the same character or meaning as the cycle before. And you get a new life event created again, tainted with a hidden ‘reprint’ of the old situation.

he actual happening gets it in a ‘reprint’ energy and is tainted by your emotional reactions of the cycle before. In the case of negative, unprocessed events, this causes the creation of vicious circles and this is highly uncomfortable.

But luckily you can also start to change this. On your own and in a simple way (this does however not mean this is also easy to do !).
How do you recognise your life cycles? On a special form, you note the most important events of the last years and you assemble your ‘life chart’. This can be done in a workshop, on your own or in private consultations. When you have found the key it is for the rest rather simple, as all good things in life are. But you have to use the right aid in the form of a ‘Life Cycle Matrix ®’ Diagram (see later) and have to learn to observe in a certain ‘connective’ way. Holistically, intuitively and in some ways emotionally into the meaning for you.

Symbolic meaning: it is this personal symbolic meaning for you that counts and makes an event remarkable. And one looks to the underlying energy instead of the actual fact. EXAMPLE: on a deeper level a moving, a new job, the complete redecoration of your living room, a birth, a buy out of an associate and marriage are in some way the same. It concerns strong changes, new possibilities, new horizons and evolution in a positive, upwardly sense. (see also the pages about symbolic awareness at Meta View #1 and so forth…)

A few examples from real life observations in timing circles, relationship and evolution:

* Profession: you have conflicts because on a deeper level your profession does not fit anymore your (karmic) life goal. And this shows itself in repeating events (long and short term).
* Relationship: after a painful divorce, you have several deeply unsatisfying short relationships. Maybe you are too anxious and in a hurry, reacting out of the old pain. Inevitably, the right partner can’t come to you as you are too busy with inappropriate persons. The short-term cycles can give a lot of insight here.
* Health: regular sickness, accidents are a very clear manifestation of a disharmony in the deeper layers of your life. It is not so easy to change and requires a long-term serious approach. In this matter the above matrix can help you out.
* Business analysis on the long term: through analysis of the events in your own company (connected with your own personal cycles), you can get fundamental insight and an overview of possibilities, general atmosphere and hotpoint to act. Just repeating each year the same fairs, mailings and promotions is not very interesting, looking through the ‘long term spectacles’. The right action with the right people at the right time with the right goal.

How long does it take to get first results? Almost from the beginning of this work you start to look different to your life tale. You get insight, consciousness, you relax a bit. The conflicts decrease and go-for-it increases.

And you start definitely to make changes in your day to day attitude and to respect the flow of Tao. So this starts happening in a few weeks time. With sufficient motivation, you get an obvious effect in a few months. However, to gain long term change, you will work with it for a substantial period of time to discover the purpose of your life.

What happens when you decipher your life matrix? You gain much more insight, acceptance and above all, you relax, because it is much easier to observe the positive tendency in your life than before.

Example: suppose a strong negative event is followed after 3.2 years by a medium one. Seen apart, they are only negative and you suffer. But if you see the connectiong string of events, you conclude in this case that the negative energy in it has been halved! And this is an encouragement, don’t you agree? By detecting your inner flow and the condensation into your life, one gets the feel to ‘dance lightly’ and to start enjoying life to the fullest.

An example of a (shortened) diagram

On top you see a line of moving and reorganisation. Second comes a line with accidents and conflicts in a negative sense. Third a conflict line in a positive sense. Latest a line of new possibilities and new initiative.

‘Revision’ of your own life on the long term? This sound abracadabra! No, it is really possible. Once you get grip on it, this 3-4 years of daily 10-15 min. ‘work’ will be a real pleasure! It is not an exercise but it becomes a second hobby.
An overview of: life cycles, destiny, seven years life cycles, time, timing, repeating, flow of Tao, karma, relationship, biorhythm, repeating life, samsara circles, integration, subconscious, self-help, personal growth, higher self, deep self, evolution, purpose
Remember that your own life is the most interesting item in the whole world and it belongs to you to the fullest. So, what can be more fun than ironing out the difficult sites and ‘grooming’ your own sensitive places? About these items, you can find on this site more detailed information, a free download diagram, info about professional training and so forth.