3.2 years Life Cycles Matrix ® System

Life Cycle

Discover the famous ‘7 years cycles’ in your own life-tale, biography or course of life. Find the REAL purpose and meaning of your time-line & life? What is your destiny?
Do you want to understand why those good or bad things in your career or life are happening? What is your personal life goal?

  • Unravel repeating, vicious life cycles that govern your life. Synchronicity events will pinpoint conflicts in relationship, career or work-floor co-operation. You obtain assistance in your personal therapy, family relationship, destiny, change, time use or health.
  • Understand the synchronicity strings and connections.
  • Charts available (free download).

Short summary about the themes on this sites:

Cycles & Synchronicity
The main repeating synchronicity Life Cycles to study on this site. These interacting, synchronistic cycles tell a clear tale about what energy to expect for yourself next months or next 3 years and provide ways to improve your relationship, child raising or career.

Live Psychic Readings 24/7 – 3 Free minutes

Especially for genealogy and family interactions. Working with birthdays on a chart tells a lot, also for the work-floor, job motivation and team building.

You learn how to use and interpret the calendar charts. Practical exercises (Meta View) and free download of chart.

Why and how the work is done and how the synchronicity system was discovered. My personal background, profession and training. How I became a writer (at last)

The scientific research done about synchronicity since 1997, FAQ (frequently asked questions) and some feedback from actual users of the Life Cycles Matrix ® diagrams.

Forum other Articles
A special, interesting place for authors of all kind and the subjects they like to write about. Your outline could be there as well ! More about cycles you will find in this etoro review.

Some very interesting links in a resources directory provided to you for free.

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November 1999 – Netelblad Nr 111 – Oost-West Centrum – Antwerp.


Strange synchronicty coincidences in a plan about life and the world. Biographical time-line analysis in repeating circles, giving insight in your personal consciousness, biographical life, several relationships, your career or job or business going strong. The Study of life cycles destiny reaches far beyond the limits of the traditional systems. A synchronistic matrix of weird events defines a meaningful fate (or dream) about twisted fuman fate, human life purpose and amazing or strange coincidences. Just a twist of fate, hard fate to find in a theory about tools and aids in a biographical time-line analysis. To define the weird plan of meaningful synchronicity coincidences is a threads and twist in hard fate, a plan of very strange syncronicity coincidences in a life. Birthdays form just a repeating and changing pattern of circles in human child raising, the famous 7 years cycle in the course of a life. Syncronictic events help in the study of a system of seriality, first defined by Kammerer in a extraordinary exploit of weird coincidences of all kind. Time, the backbone of biographical time-line analysis covers years of development to come to a relationship between hard human fate and personal destiny. Human life purpose is a twisted fate of human life purpose threads and changes. Strange tales and amazing coincidences, a weird system in itself, are to study the wider implications of a theory, an aid or tool in the patterns of biographical studies. Repeating circles of all kind define the building agent for the study of extended facts of life, fate, destiny. A meaningful dream is another event in the study of weird coincidences in the field of synchronicity around the world.