Bouncy castles can be the best present or the worst you can give to your children, and the difference eventually comes down to how you take care of it. After you have bought a bouncy castle, you have to know to take care of it in order to use it for a long time and expand its life cycle. A easy set of rules can make the difference between a bouncy castle ruined in a few days or in a few months or even years.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is the place where you want your bouncy castle to be inflated. Look for a flat area of land and avoid any sharp objects that might damage the castle. Also, keep the bouncer a safe distance from fire, water, walls or other obstructions. After the castle is inflated don’t allow children to go on the bouncer with food, drinks, gum, pets or silly string. To make that possible, children should be supervised by an adult at all times. Those who supervise should pay close attention to the children because then could hurt themselves or damage the castle.


To make sure your bouncer is not damaged during play time, children should not wear shoes on the inflatable. It is safer for them and the bouncer not to go on a bouncer with belts, jewelry or sharp objects. The adult who is supervising the children should’t allow them to climb the wall of the bouncer, and don’t overcrowd the bouncer’s capacity. Follow the instructions of the inflatable and see how many kids can go on at a time. The bouncer must be fully inflated before any children are allowed inside and stay that way until everyone is out.

After the children get tired of playing inside the bouncer, the adults must check the material is dry before long-term storage to prevent molding. For cleaning purposes, use a small amount of good quality washing up liquid you have around the house. Dilute the liquid in warm water and apply with a soft cloth gently because bouncy castles can be punctured easily. Storing bouncy castles correctly is really important if you want your bouncer to be in a perfect working order the next time you want to use it.

Bouncy castles can be a wonderful and fun way of spending summer days. Children love them, but bouncy castles can be a nightmare for grown-ups if they don’t follow the rules.