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Welcome to Life Cycles Destiny.

The site was founded by Luca White, a spiritual leader and advocate for finding balance in life. Luca created this platform to share his insights and knowledge with others who shared a passion for achieving ultimate balance.

Luca is joined by a formidable team of spiritual leaders, astrologists and biologists who share his dream of helping others finding balance and enlightenment. The site started as a small community but has grown into a large community of brothers and sisters from around the globe.


From the latest news in astrology to keeping you updated on your horoscope, you’ll find it all here at Life Cycles Destiny.


Our team will keep you in the know of all the latest meditation news and techniques. Choose us as your daily source of inspiration.


Whether you need some spiritual guidance or some inspiration for the day ahead, we’ll be right there motivating and inspiring you with great spiritual content.

If you would like to join us and contribute to Life Cycles Destiny, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking at finding fresh perspectives and voices and you might just fit the part.

Contact us with any questions or feedback, our lines are always open for a chat.