Help, I am lost! – How to surf this site? A symbolic picture about help, being lost, site map, overview, instruction, direction
As this site has a rather complex structure, I give here some kind of ‘how to… assistance’ to help people who ‘get lost’.
This site with its 3 Sections, and containing 13 Themes, is organised in the form of a web, a ‘matrix’ (but one where you can’t get stuck)!
It contains about 150 pages and to help you figure it all out, here are a few advises and proposals to surf around at ease:

Last updated: February 24, 2008….

How to surf this site ?

1) For starters, just use the ‘Theme Pages’ (above vertical at left), together with the ‘General Navigational Pages’ (middle horizontal) as your guide through the different sections of this site. In this way you stay concentrated on the subjects of your first interest.

2) For repeated visits, one Golden Hint: you use best the Site Map as your central reference point for navigating between pages. On the Site Map, the different themes with their specific sub-pages stand together.

3) For specific searches: the Search Page with internal Search Engine is very useful for finding very specific topics in an alphabetic way but this page has often multiple links pointing to one and the same page, about different subjects.

4) Reading a book in half an hour isn’t possible… the same with this site: I suggest to print out a few of the most important pages, connected with your actual point of study and to come back regularly (best bookmark the SiteMap: CTRL+D).

5) Take your time! The presented material is for a big part really brand new. If you try to figure it out quickly, I think this is NOT possible (special remark to North Americans!). Studying time takes time! This site contains about 150,000 words = the equivalent of 300 printed pages with 500 words each, enough to read for a few weeks!

If you don’t take time to read at ease some pages I think you probably will miss the fundamental value of these new findings and insights. These subjects have the capability of transforming your life in a very fundamental way, but you’ll have to make time for it.

… In a nutshell: bookmark the Site Map and come back as many times as you like …