Preface and motivation behind these publications

I have always been a researcher, interested in the core of the subject at hand. No matter if it was about loudspeakers, hypnotherapy or air-conditioning, I always went for the inner core. Common knowledge often contains paradigms that are not completely true. When making fresh combinations or following new lines of thought, one can often discover maiden ground. In not accepting an easy explanation such as the commonly known ‘7 years cycle’ and the fact that life runs obviously in some self-repeating circles, I delved deeper into this matter to understand the mechanism behind it.

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As the material on this site is really at the forefront of esoteric and psychological knowledge and completely unknown to modern Western science, I invite you to take a look at it with an open mind. What I tell is so uncommon and so weird for an analytic mind that your reaction may well be: ‘eerie, impossible, rubbish’… However, in these years of investigation it was possible to find sufficient data to prove scientifically and statistically that those esoteric laws do exist!

By literally looking to hundreds and even thousands of connective synchronicity strings in multiple life tales, it became possible to unravel the inner core laws at work and find ways to prove it. I am myself not easy in ‘believing’ something, even when a lot of people talk about it. Only when I can perceive it (or deduce it myself from other perceptions), does it become a physical reality for me.

But this does not mean that the contents of this site is only esoteric and high flying stuff. It concerns back-to-earth attitudes. It concerns what you can DO with it and how you can USE it in your daily life. Not in theory but by practising it. And it does not mean that you have to follow my thoughts completely as just a fraction of the material can be used fruitfuly as well.

In my therapy practice, I observe repeatedly how people tend to get desperate, angry, apathetic or whatsoever by circumstances in their lives. They live their lives only with a fraction of their inner possibilities, cornered by emotional and mental barriers in their mind and the mind of their relatives. Once they detect the structure of their difficulties, it’s often possible to actively make a change to it. But first you have to be conscious about the underlying factors of these mental or emotional disorders. In this work about life cycles, I give a certain structure to one’s life that makes it easier to understand why some events happened and the inner connections. I also give measures to start making a change in a more favoured direction.

Pure luck only exists under specific circumstances but is not always the basis for the events that happen around and to you. A lot of things happen following a hidden but detectable law. And these laws are formed and influenced by events from your own life. Just as in atomic particle research, where the ‘so called objective observer’ plays a seemingly subjective, interactive role in the creation of the perceived phenomena, this same consciousness about the connections in your own life tends to influence events positively, even by only observing it and doing nothing (isn’t that nice)!

The structure and the evolution of one’s life follows certain rules that are, in a way, ‘automatic’ and can be ‘self steering’, but only if you gain self awareness about it. Otherwise, the whole thing stays running on ‘automatic’.

Every ‘negative’ life event hides a ‘positive’ contents, lesson or energy. The distillation of this hidden but useful energy is the benefit of ‘negatively experienced’ happenings in your life. They can get ‘tapped’ and used in a new way of understanding and working with life cycles is one of them. Every day, new findings are added to this work; that’s why I say it probably never finishes at all. I don’t do this work, ‘the work does me’ and I love it.

I hope you will gain some fruitful results out of your reading and wish you a good day.