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Site Information (straight) Some honest, informative words, NOT intended to offend you!

I receive regular mail from people who become rather confused and can’t find the ‘clue’ on how to work with this life cycles system. They experience my site as being rather chaotic, weird, unpractical… and I must admit they are right (in a way).
The core of the system is very simple but, at the same time, seemingly very hard to grasp for the average novice…

here is no single, easy method to use and process this system into your life tale without studying it in depth for some time. As the method has a very complex structure, it is normal to be confused in the beginning.

It is also my experience that people try to go WAY too fast. They skim over a few pages and expect to find the right spot where they can ‘plug’ their birthday ‘et voilà’, they think they are done.

This new method will unveil the core of your life and its quality ONLY if you give it a few hours of your time to study it in some depth and to fill-in your important life events on the Life Cycles Matrix ® Diagram…

Even for developed ‘consciousness adepts’, it’s easy to fall into the trap of some prejudice impressions as this system is COMPLETELY NEW and INCOMPARABLE with other disciplines of awareness, consciousness and personal growth. Hence experience in other used methods (such as astrology, biorhythm, numerology…) tends in the beginning even to ‘confuse’ the understanding of this system

If you are not prepared to devote a reasonable amount of time to this study, it’s best to leave it at this point. By just reading some pages in a hurry and NOT doing something for real, you are just wasting your time. But if you follow my advice and start studying the examples of other people, maybe you can find some very intriguing personal results while exploring and ‘digging’ into your own precious life!

This site is rather difficult to handle as it contains a wide variety of subjects and topics. Moreover, most of the ‘old’ pages were written around 1999-2000 and in-between, the site has become a bit ‘obsolete’ due to recent extra findings (2002-2004) in my continuous ongoing research. Such as a diversion of the earlier focus on the ‘7 years cycle’ in favour of the 9.6 years cycle (as being the most important in the whole range of cycles), and also the ‘Triad Time System’… But re-writing all this – about 150 pages with about 140,000 words now (Sept 2002) – is plainly impossible, so you’ll have to do with it… I suggest you observe and take into account the writing date of an article at the bottom as well….

The work system goes about repeating life cycles and their impact on our evolving life. In using different life cycles (3.2, 6.4 and 9.6 years – and even 28.8 y.), it becomes possible to unravel the creative force in your personal life. In function of health, creativity, old trauma points and life power, a personal pattern of evolution is detectable. These patterns of life events (synchronistic ‘strings’ or seriality) form a ‘readable net’ – or matrix – and give insights in health and sickness, in good or bad luck, in creation or destruction. As a matter of fact, it can cover all of human life, performance and development.

You really create your own life out of inner energies lying ‘dormant’ in your own psyche and this life cycles system is a nice working, in some way ‘technical’ method to discover this. This inner creation runs for most people ‘on automatic’ as they are not aware how the (delayed) creation takes place. More important, your life also gives itself clues for steering by and integrating the whole thing for more health, success and love IF you learn to decode the language.

I see this system holding the same importance for modern psychology and esoteric knowledge as the discovery of the DNA molecule was in 1953 for biology and medicine (by Crick and Watson).

But there is one big difference: the DNA structure was intensely searched and badly needed and the discovery formed a landmark in the human understanding of the inner core and working of biological processes. This system can do the same for our consciousness and life dharma IF you can overcome overly analytic, striving processes, restrictions, paradigm’s, some personal shadow parts and resistance to discover your REAL inner truth… The main thing is a way of ‘connecting consciousness’ (I call it ‘Meta View’), instead of the separating, analysing way of our left hemisphere or the holistic, intuitive way of the right hemisphere… By the way, DNA and my life cycles system have the same inner structure: a coil in a coil in a coil…

This system can be considered the survey map of your personal life providing useful information about the past, the way your life developed into here and now and what to expect in the near future. Not by providing exact forecasting or ‘psychic readings’ but by indicating what the general energy or tendency in your life will be during the next weeks and months to come. But there is one big handicap: one needs the proper consciousness (‘Meta View’) to observe and ‘read’ this life structure beforehand!…

To overcome this I provide the possibility to do a few personal counselling sessions through telephone and the Internet to set you ‘en route’. It’s rare that more than 2 supervised sessions with the Life Cycles Matrix ® Diagram are needed to get you rolling. By using the basic building block ‘3.2 years life cycle’ in multiples it’s very easy to come to the 7 years (6,4), the 10 years (9.6) and the famous 30 years (28.8) cycles.

This work with the Life Cycles Matrix ® Diagram can be used in personal, therapeutic as well as business applications. It is feasible for the motivated pupil and is also of great use in therapeutic settings, applied by professional therapists, counsellors or biographic consultants. It is even an extra tool for the human resources manager and the outplacement consultant and can be of great use for a manager in understanding the dynamics in the running of a small- to medium-sized business to establish an extra dimension in management and decision-making.

In short: In observing the development of the synchronistic links between life cycles, it becomes possible to unravel the inner core of the energy that creates your own, personal, (free?) life on this Earth. But studying time takes time!